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We are excited to share with you the convenience of being pampered with our Licensed Mobile Salon & Spa!

     Cute As A Button Salon & Spa has been in In business since 2008

  Tell us, which is the best fit for you? Clientele at our location (coming soon).  (typical) -or- What if you could Bring our professionals right to your location!   (We are Licensed to go anywhere in the Entire State of Tennessee) !

We have years of experience in both. During your typical salon or spa appointment as we like to call your "brick and mortar appointment." as we do with our Mobile.

   Have you ever felt like it simply took as much time to get to the salon as it did to enjoy the service?

      Have you had a massage that made you feel amazing and relaxed? Did you suddenly have to get in your car and drive home, meanwhile trying to stay relaxed?

          Have you had a special day or photo shoot

(including Boudoir photos for your special someone)wedding or event to go to and you felt overwhelmed and stressed about either your time frame, privacy or trying to stay looking put together once you left the salon, drove in traffic and then made it to the venue or event location?

     Have you been bored while entertaining a group of colleagues, friends, family, a girls get away, a couples session, a princess party, Beauty pageant, birthday party, baby shower, a mother and daughter day or just wanted to do something different to stand out as the host?

Do you get anxiety to plan or attend things in public places?            WELL NOT ANYMORE !!

          We have the best picked team of professionals and we are ready to show you the real meaning of relaxing!

Where we take the worries and stress away by bringing you our licensed professionals and conveniently bringing the salon and spa's complete experience right to you!! 

Our "All Mobile Exclusive"


1. Take a look at the many services we offer!

2. Call or Text Cute As A Button for scheduling, event details and availability on your date.      865-333-6900

Talk with our friendly professionals about what your expectations are for your event & give us a little info.

***We will need: your name, email, phone number and group size. 

***Along with a list of your groups desired services. 

Ask what the ONE TIME (based on mileage)

trip fee is for your county / location in East Tennessee.

($50-$100) Trip fee

3. Leave a Deposit or pay in full

4. Get an appointment conformation from our team of licensed professionals and a receipt upon payment.


          After all we are just here to help you look and feel your best and create milestones and memories that will forever last a lifetime!!   

{Our Mobile License #MB31700039}


 Check out our photo Gallery

 to display a few

 Examples of  Our " ALL MOBILE " Out on location.



          Our licensed professionals have rules and regulations set by the Licensing board for each professional in the state of Tennessee. including Sanitation, sterilization, proper disposal of clean and dirty linen's and as well, a high standard for all and any equipment used on location. No different than should be practiced to perfection, by those in a "fixed location" preforming as licensed professionals. The owner an all professional affiliates make cleanliness, professionalism and amazing customer service our priority!

So expect nothing less!


     Mostly, Thank you for your business, as it is not only our   dream but what small businesses in America are founded on!



           HAIR OR THERE,   



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